Design and Development

Move beyond the standard. We offer innovative tailor-made design and development solutions effectively delivered for your business.
We are aware, the release cycles have gone down significantly in the global markets. However, this should not be a matter of concern for you when you hand it over to us.
Today, organizations are finding it difficult to keep up the pace with talent acquisition to training and delivering the end product. This is where we come to your rescue. Our team works as an extended part of your organization to help you deliver the end result on time.

Quality Assurance & Test Automation

Vorbitech consistently delivers excellence based on an effective quality assurance system that guarantees our products and services, exceeding customer expectations.
Today, agile adoption has led to merging of test engineers with scrum teams. Organizations thus prefer to deploy a small dedicated team to conduct system level or legacy testing. However, this is a major concern that is not been openly talked about in the industry. This largely impacts the overall quality of the product that is pushed in to market in the long run.
This majorly affects the indirect test aspects such as assessing the test coverage, recycling the test cases, impact analysis, etc. The small teams are often busy with running test cycles ignoring the important quality assurance tasks.
Vorbitech facilitates quality assurance and testing services in such situations where organizations are struggling to complete the end to end testing process due to limited team.

Test Automation

Our experience in automation domain can help you bridge the gap and get the automation done for legacy as well as new features.
Test automation plays a crucial role of software development process. Test automation has become an integral part of the development process due to Agile adoptions where scrums teams are automating new features.
The challenge is often only critical few test cases getting automated that can lead to backlogs for manual testing. This backlog results to increase in test cycles which are not desirable. Vorbitech’s experience in automation domain helps bridge the gap and facilitates automation for legacy as well new features.

Startup Consulting

We help entrepreneurs with product building right from setting up the company to ideation, rapid prototype to productizing the idea.
A new breed of entrepreneurs is emerging at a rapid pace globally and they are significantly poised to change the world in some way. This has thus given rise to a top-up service named as Startup Consulting that helps these entrepreneurs in various aspects of the business.
Majority of startups are small in size and thus limited with their resources. This curbs the business growth and product innovation at some stage.
We at VorbiTech help budding entrepreneurs with complete product building, right from setting up the company, ideation, and rapid prototype to productizing the idea. This would help them focus on building the business.